That's Me (feat. DJ Clue) Testo

Testo That's Me (feat. DJ Clue)

[Cam'Ron] I'm not going to watch this go on any longer You put my food in the dark and expect me to look for my plate on some Mr. Magoo shit Fuck I look like I'm not going to watch this go on any longer WHOOOOOOOOOOOO [Clue] we going to set this off [Cam] I'm on ya'll Harlem, who else is going to hold us down Bloodshed niggas lets get it right this time understand Killer Yo, I don't understand how these cats sip daqueri's Like it's all good down at the hit factory Be on 54th, whole clique backing me all that click clackery takes your wrist wrappery I ain't no rapper, b, I skeet oozies And I can't act, turned down 3 movies So gimme your chain, your jewels and your cash And your fast food, I'll eat your food fast My rude ass, carries 3 weapons And I'll give your face a c-section and keep stepping Who else in a hurry to mirk We kill girls, rape em', bury their skirts imagine me wake up 7:30 for work (what?!) I'd rather run the streets 7:30 with work But met this knucklehead, thought he want a order Came and asked me stop pitching to his daughter Tell me it's the man, can't be Be glad I'm not in her damn panties Got her damn handy How you going to ever ask stop carrying candy I'm going to sell to anybody in your damn family Your Uncle Tom, your Aunt Tammy, your Grandmammy Your right hand man Randy, understand me in Antlanta I got an outlandish land piece and a matching land Desert Calasandi [Chorus:] You know the one with the whips, THATS ME The one with the chips and the chips, THATS ME The one with the toast, pants saggy, yelling out get at me Get at me, nigga, THATS ME The one that be running and dodging, YOU The one that be sucking mad dick, YOU The one that's scared of some yay yo, always wanna lay low, cause your girl say so, YOU, biatch [Cam] I could show you some ice Throw you a bite You not that good dog, who told you you're nice Ay, yo your crew, switch siders When I come through, hey Cam Dick riders But I only mess with Navigators 528 6 drivers, big buyers, where you live we live liver Come through, stick your suppliers Mack so many hoes, dick in siliva Gash her up, ma, put it on you mouth Then I grab her neck and try to take her tonsils out And I don't got beef, I don't play those games If I did though believe me I would say y'all names Go to your house, red dot scope your crib Smack your earth, snatch your seeds, choke your wiz My crew split it was my mistake But to my nigga Duke we all make mistakes I'm going to get shit right if I spend my cake Jimmy, I'm a get you up out of 5h This is for my niggas that load the pipe Saying I'm the best just not promoted right You know my life Drink, smoke, roll some dice Control the hiest Know I'm a patrol your schiest We all get schiest Ma, keep all your rice Wedding ring, HELL NO I like all my ice Niggas tried to make Killa Cam all polite Turn on the set now bitch I'm like poltergiest You the type talk about everything you got now I interupt you like "Not now you hot owl" My rings like a dog, all rock wild When I flash it, everybody shocked "wow!" I see y'all concerned about me you don't got to go to school to learn about me [Chorus:] Yo, the one with mad guns, THATS ME The one with the yay for 23, THATS ME The one with the ice, sliced, coke half price, yoke that's nice, THATS ME The one that's scared of a scuffle, YOU The one that say "Baby girl, I love you," YOU The one that talk about hustling, never seen a oven, you all about nothing, YOU Biatch [Cam] Told you I got us this time around niggas Feeling me some, HUH Harlem, I got us nigga Santana, Freaky Zeeky, Jim Jones Feshon, run with us or run from us or get run the fuck over It's fuck us so fuck y'all Killa bitch Killa bitch Killa bitch Killa bitch Killa bitch [Clue] AND I..............

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