The Dope Man Testo

Testo The Dope Man

f/ Jim Jones [Cam'Ron] how I get robbed in cali I be with cali thugs got mobbed in cali yeah that cali love come chatter mouth have my bling black is out stick me what thatt about I was the only rapper out Beverly Foxhill Roscos swap meet Slausson Crenshaw Compton we not sweet like I'm chump change jimmy with his gun game I'm fun aim lax gun range white load the felly fell holla at the kid proper if somethin happen skip rappin the'll be big choppas ghetto byrd word cause I keep the big choppas no disrespect niggaz killed big poppa the williams sista ro9meo from steve harvey got the drop get the drop no please sorry got weed on me no need gaurd me I'm what you need probly we teach robbery [Chorus: Jim Jones] we ride in that east side please roll up my weed high we ride in west side the city were them techs fly that dirty dirty south side midwest uptop when we outside but we ride in that eastside so please roll up my weed high [Jim Jones] my momma allways told me aim for the sky so I came out aimin bangin at guys it was mainly slangin kane by the pies and the fiends was payin for dangerous high o b and amonia we mix it down no sleep on the corner the pitch mound and police when the saw us they frisk us down we all hate marajuwana and coke now so tell bloomberg its a rezy take it back to 88 and move byrds though my city dw bridge new jerz wit the pizy 38 a key for a byrd they get busy fuck the phone getthe word by mouth when the winter roll around no byrds fly south fuck the cops got hella folks in prison hand over the option but the cell codes still livin [Chorus] [Cam'ron] dope man smoke man o's float the boat no coke for sold man though tan wo man sell white throw tan tell her (ill holla) watch the kid from 140 bake they say shorty straight 48 grams turn 4 to 48 all I do ignore they jake tell her (ill holler) I still bubble o's still double o's still double my double down in the double o big pimp in the caddy akron spingfield cleveland cinncinati thats green point menace with a mean joint sac town nap town the lou got some mean joints we arangatang it durange bang it I'm strangly ganged Like 'Pac I'm +Gang Related+ (holla) [Chorus]

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