Touch It Or Not (feat. Lil Wayne) Testo

Testo Touch It Or Not (feat. Lil Wayne)

Killa, dipset, lil weezy, cash money, yo ma, let me holla, lets do this uh, [Hook] Ma, I been huggin the block (huggin the block) That?s right, hustling rocks (hustling rocks) I know I been puffin a lot, But I need to know ma, you gone touch it or not. My drink hard as a rubber rubber you know what, tell that shit to anotha sucka I aint no sucka mama, com?mon, F the drama Pat, kiss it then, lil puckerama Im so active, you bein so draftive Got something for your face, not proactive Imma pro at this, round the globe atlas But I need to know ma, u gone touch it or not Baby girl im in luv wit ya spot Missionary back shots top it off; pop it off (pop it off) I tell ya right now if my **** is soft (what) Hey before and after, top it off Come here ma, show ya how to rock a boss Lick, suck, kiss, kiss, stop, cough, Hop on, hop off, lollypop cough I know its right but here comes the hot sauce. (killah!!) [Hook] Looking light skin, mommy wit tight slims, Big butt, big breasts, I noticed that nice chin, (sturdy chin) I approached her, slight rim, white tins, Number you can type in, sexy on lightment Ill just ask, ma, if we link we link, You don?t like nuttin, me nether, what a coinidink (what a coincidence) Miss jiggy, my piggy, pinky ming, pinky ring blingin (oooo) You gone touch it or not? I aint the type to diss you, kinda like the issue. That?s the situation, bring wifey wit you. (Bring her) Would you like a tissue, or a wet wipe? Either one baby girl, cuz ya touchin my spot Its not a question now, it?s a guarantee, They think I think im the shit, well apparently But you wont hear words like marry me (what, marry me?) The only thing you gone hear is touch it or not!! [Hook] [Lil Wayne] I get head in the strangest places Some nut same time, call it changin' faces I tell the b!tch we ain't tradin places, So stand back and catch my amazing graces Taste ya savor it, vanilla icecream she say ohh my favorite Do you know who you playin wit? Wayne, chillin like a scacrow, lookin for some brain Drivin in the range uh, flyin' on the brain her head is crazy so she's insane She know the game get in and get right every bitch in the industry wanna rock my mic I'm hot like light, I'm tough like Ike I don't F wit dog hoes cuz them hoes might bite Yeah, and then she follows and in the back of my mind I hopin' she swallows [Hook x2]

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