Where I'm From (feat. Dutch & Spade) Testo

Testo Where I'm From (feat. Dutch & Spade)

[Dutch:] I'm from where niggas get killed for running they mouth I'm from where niggas get they weight up in front of they house Cop coke strap it to the waist of they spouse I don't think I'll ever know what all this hatin about Got a deal I don't know what perpetrating about Got big guns dog, one pop and you out Love women that suck and keep the nut in they mouth While I lean back geeking how she loving my house Let me tell you three things that the Dutch is about 'Cuzzi bubbles, grands, slow dick in yo mouth And when u hear that (moan) he kicking you out Hell naw I'm ain't no hater that's just what I'm about [Spade:] Ayo They wanna flip me Bounce me Half and quarter ounce me Try to speak my name out loud and mispronounce me Hit me four five rubber grip me Them hoes love me in a five but the dealer trying to six me Dimes wanna twist me Nah you can't kiss me Go 'head with the mo' at the bar You better Cris me Baby blue 528 doing sixty Cuttin' swiftly Duckin' fifty Hit my hoe crib for a nice dick suck and a quicky Killa Cam, Dutch and the Spade flow sickly The streets shifty So I keep my tool If yo ass wanna live you better keep your cool Motherfucker [Cam'Ron:] Yo, Yo, Yo where I'm from they let the cartridge blast Everybody smart in math Loan sharks with cash Running from the narks and task Streets arts and craft ? Come on I start to laugh Cause I almost caught the case with Rich Parker ass Now a nigga paid out suede couch I'm into hooded things Bitch butt be way out These cats be Hecliff When I come around they play mouse Mickey and Minnie Jerry from Tom Heavy in arms In front of bam bam Hanna Barbara lover Collar big Cotton candy blue gators polishment Y'all in astonishment looking for acknowledgment We pour it on 'em Meet a snitch throw wall off on em Any repercussions make sure my seeds bubble If you ain't hear me on clue I said I see double Guns double tecks Hoes double sex Accountant handle my money but I double check Bubble lex Ain't too much more I care about Liquor store and the Bronx old warehouse Clear it out L's with my liquor Sounds sew a helluva whisper Gas-ing up a hoe tell her you miss her Dealing with the old timers was a helluva listener Business sale a few differ Nigga pelican slippers Mommy is senseless Get my moola I'm conscientious Tell Medi she buy me benzes Pour favor Harlem mamma poor We fell off but back on nigga time to ball Hung 45th and Lennox 3 piece suit bean pies the final call Gun up in the spinal cord I got no time for y'all We 8 digets you play frigate Killa don't cook he blaze biscuits Around us straight midgets Jewels we keep frozen Y'all keep dozing The wolf in sheeps clothes and Streets buzzing V dozen Bitches calling me husband Saying we fuck when we wasn't Lying on her coochie I'm dyin for a hoochie With an iron for a boobie Casino style diamonds in the doopey But Killa keep running to the timing of a groupie But need work Plate of a kind If ya dope ain't 8 or a 9 Don't waste up my time You racing for shine Only way you be around motherfucking paper boy If you quit your job and go be a paper boy Cars swoop buck fifty Gun shoot buck fifty Bear facts ? buck fifty Air Max buck fifty Only New York nigga to fuck with me On her period blood sticky Same night flood missy Play Toronto like Doug Christy Fuck Christy Louie the 13 Slugs with me Gimme head Yo Quero kin chi blunt to my head But my day is Friday Toast for my bread Niggas try to stick together like they Smokey and Craig In real life Nia think I'm "Long" and throw me the head

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