Just Kiss Her Testo

Testo Just Kiss Her

I look in front of you
I'm sure this is the girl
But she's not for you
You're creep et she's a belle
You think she looks at me
Am I invisible
She's just playing with you
I don't know what to do

You told me (I told you)
Dance with her

Trying to do it
I was there she doesn't care
She still ignore me
Dancing with her friends
Tell me how to do
Maybe it's over
You saw that twice so easy
Show us who you are

You told me (I told you)
Talk with her

She didn't hear my voice
She didn't hear my name
My shyness is a game
Now I have no choice

You told me (I told you)
Just kiss her
You told me (I told you)
Just kiss her

Now she's good for us
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