Heavy Lifting Testo

Testo Heavy Lifting

You undo me
I'm a happy mess
My dress slips to the floor
And I pose, what an amateur
To be like this! "exposed"

You deny the other side of me
That strips good love away
And you kissed my mirror reflection
When I looked at me today

When you look at me the way you do
My fingers tingle
I can't breathe until we're skin on skin
When you look at me the way you do
My life moves in perfect motion
You're doing all the heavy lifting

Worlds collide
I see a side of you
I never saw before
We can work it out, let's talk it out
I want to know you more

Just decided
That I'd like to side with you
Oh every time
When you ask me how I'm feeling now
You know I'm feeling fine

When you look at me the way you do
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