Wedding Song Testo

Testo Wedding Song

This morning you sat in a kitchen chair
remembering the life that had led you there
the beauty that saved you and gave you the gift of despair

how the (coastal?) lost made you deaf to the things that could heal you
how it all came down to the day when you held him as close as you could
but his body was heavy as wood
and it hurt you to go
but you knew he could no longer feel you

and all of the joy in you turned to stone
left you a specter of flesh and bone
and you had to submit to the sadness of staying alone

but the anger you felt was a satellite
and shot through the atmosphere burning bright
left you exhausted and softened, too tired for spite

and one thing led to another and one day followed the last
and it all came down to the day when he held you as close you cared
and your body was lighter than air
and pure as the rain as you emptied your pain out into the past

and all of the joy you'd been frightened of rose like a halo to linger above
and you had to submit to the sweetness of staying in love

so open your arms to a love we'll give
say thanks for the good life you've come to live
for the sorrow that (?) us and shows us the strength to forgive
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