The Glass Parade Testo

Testo The Glass Parade

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Just a voice inside your head
Whispering all the hope is dead
All the time you had to prove
That no one really loves you

I found you in a reflection
You didn't want me to see
I will give you all i have
Just look up, break down and believe

This is a glass parade
A fragile state
And i am not trying to break
And the stars are shining
The moon is right
And i would kill to be with you tonight

Wish you told me all the truth
So afraid to face an absolute
All the fights you had to lose
All the fear was put upon you

I found you when you were broken
Too many cracks of deceit
I will give you all i have
Just look up, break down and believe

This is the feeling, falling
So much i want to say
Show me the same emotion
Show me what's at stake
How much can you take
When you realise your fate?

Hold me now as the car lights fade
And we are dancing in the glass parade

It's just a voice inside your head
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