B.L.A.Z.E. (feat. Rah Digga, Joy Bryant) Testo

Testo B.L.A.Z.E. (feat. Rah Digga, Joy Bryant)

[Casey Lee] The B to the L, the A to the Z to the E Early twenties, girls by the twenties Rims buy 'em twenty, never gin slide me Henny Blunts roll in twenties, got my stunts holdin' semis Blaze in the Bentley; be like Jay, "Come and Get Me" Straight from Q-U-E percisely 40P [Rah Digga] Yo you that brother that I always see on MTV I ain't cop your album got it off the MP3 But it's hot though take it from another emcee That's what I'm tryna be [Casey Lee] Shorty it's the M-O-N-E-Y My wrists will leave your eyes B-L-I-N-D My passion for poetry and parting from poverty Leaves me in position to mould my own like pottery [Rah Digga] + (Joy Bryant) Heh, ain't really sweatin' you brother, we tryna parlay see (I heard A&R was short for armed robbery) I heard selling records is like hitting the lottery [Casey Lee] All you need is talent shorty, Blaze got plenty Shorty holla, come on The B, the L, the A, the Z, the E (*repeat 8X*) [Casey Lee] + (Joy Bryant) If you start from my toes to my dome like Gators Iceburg, Gucci, my head cap is Raiders CD so hot you gotta play hot potato And Primo won't even take me out with the fader Cause my voice is laid with paper, my crib, Jamaica You know the action, get planes built to go there (What about your Grammy?) Got it chillin' at my mother's crib Right next to the Golden Globe For actin' like I give a fuck [Rah Digga] What you talkin' 'bout? Diamond life, you livin' it Benji's, Bentley's, your cash flow is infinite [Casey Lee] But you know there's more to life than videos They're different Cali is where it's at And that's a wrap, my lip I'm zippin' it The B, the L, the A, the Z, the E (*repeat 8X*)

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