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Testo Pyramids

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Lets go back to the start here

Alright wake up everybody this party is just getting started
It's dark lets go out tonight
Come on

I've seen so many faces
Your pictures on my wall
I have all these memories
I'm dying to know who you are
All the years that I celebrate
They are between just sitting here smiling away
I can't feel a thing

You're all the same, till you die
Somethings never change
You're just another bitch
Backed up against the wall

It'd probably be much easier
If you were here with me right now
Alone is much more difficult
Than I could have ever realized

Lets blow the roof this place
Oh lets give em hell
This goes back to road anyways
5,6,7 hit the road
5,6,7 hit the road

With no one to hold you
No one to guide you, to the light
No one to say that, things will be alright
I'm watching what I thought was the truth
All along (all along), it seems that
I've been deceived, it's all just one
It's all just one big lie

I tried so hard
You're not worth this
Popularity is overrated
In a matter of seconds my future
Has nothing left (nothing left)
Has nothing left

Where were you
When I needed you most
(when I need you most, where are you last night?)
Where were you
When I needed you most
(when I need you most, where are you last night?)

Drink the poison from the glass
Drink the poison from the glass [6x]
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