Fountain Of Innoncence Testo

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Testo Fountain Of Innoncence

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Fountain of yowh, lifespirit flows into a well of truths, a cold and dim repose. I craved to be as high as the pillowy clouds, to walk amongst the tall, who used to look back down and frown. Chorus : Now I stand by the wasteland, where our dreams began. From these once golden fields our curiosity ran... I chased the sugar claw through temptation1s door, the bitterness I found... sweetness I taste no more. From the playground to the slayground, the sombre middleground absorbs the emptiness. Chorus : Look back across the marble sea of discovery, a fountain of innocence flows in juvenescence. I1m resident in corridors of sentiment. I face the wall - discovery terminal, but there1s no more false truths I wish to discover, and I am physically unable, to tread back down those corridors. Fountain of youth, oh how I bathed in your innocence, and now in cold repose, I must face the bitter truth...

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