Journey Into Jade Testo

Testo Journey Into Jade

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
In 1989 the idea came to be
In Memoriam as recorded back in '90
We walked into the Forest Of Equilibrium
Saw an Ethereal Mirror next in '93

Twenty years it's been - what does the future bring?

Two years it's been of hell spent waiting is silence
Until Carnival Bizarre came in '95
Supernatural Birth Machine was shaky
Then the Caravan came to take us far away

Twenty years it's been - what does the future bring?
In twenty years time how will our music seem?

We came back to reality in 2000
With Endtyme we were born again
Number seven was our second coming
The Garden of Delights was so unearthly

Twenty years it's been - what must the future bring?
In One hundred years time - how will our music seem?

Today we are here playing the Guessing Game
Uncertainty with what tomorrow may bring
Will our vinyl be rare and collectable
Will we be the in thing?

Twenty years it's been - how will the present seem?
In one thousand years time - what will be of mankind?
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