We All Fall Down Testo

Testo We All Fall Down

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Everything is random
Everyone is fake
Everything we built will just disintegrate

No-one will remember
Would anybody care
If everything around us just disappeared

But don't let them change your mind
I'm trying to save you now

We all fall down
When it's over now
We won't be broken now
We all fall down

Said you'd never leave me
It's like you're never there
Moments that we wasted turned into years

Take a look around you
Nothings ever fair
The reasons that they change you turned into fear

But don't let them change your mind
I'm trying to save you now


In need of a change, the need of the light
The moment was wrong, when no-one is right
I know that someday you'll turn your back to me
I know that someday you won't be there for me

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