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Testo Intro/1964

I hope that you can live your life
knowing you wont be forgiven!
I pray that thoughts of regret
are racing through your mind!

Maybe I'll give you a chance to speak
not because I care
Just so I can laugh at
all the stupid things spewing out your mouth
Upon other things no we cant be friends
Being seen in public by your side
would be way to embarrassing

You ruined yourself!


That empty feeling in your heart
will go away in time I'm sure
just like all of our friends
I guess the term would be my friends
They're still with me till the end
I see them everyday
I still see them everyday


You ruined yourself!

You are grimy and I do not like you
say what you want but I wouldn't even try
Before i goto bed every night I pray
that before you goto bed you break down and cry
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