Chapter III: Enthroned Testo

Testo Chapter III: Enthroned

"Welcome, I bid you welcome. To the lord of Lust. I Kneel.
The Crown awaits you know. Eternally graceful I know. Use your magic and enter the Gate.
The key to the portal is ... Hate

Lost God, Bestial Creature, Demon from Hell,
Dark Lord, show your nature, the visage of your spell,
evil arise, break the chains, appear, children of God, behold and beware."

Throughout the annals of all time only the strong has survived.
A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

"Wheghtor, spread your wings and fly.
Wheghtor, rise
And burn the sky.
I've been preparing this long awaited arrival, to crush all that God built.
Black Heaven sent him to teach us
The laws of Freedom, to do as thou wilt"

Wheghtor - Heed my incantation
Wheghtor - I pray to you
Wheghtor - Enter our world
Wheghtor - To be enthroned
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