The Day I Buried Testo

Testo The Day I Buried

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

Felling my cries,don't know what to do
wondering where I am
Looking around,still feeling the pain
burning like a fire so red
The thoughts that you share with so many more
still hearing the screams of their laughter
Inside my body,inside my soul
where I thought I was untill know
Scuffing away as usual always keep in my mind
that the savage treatment of my self
will end when we say goodbye
At home at night the thoughts will arrive
why me,why me,why nobody else
While searching for another tomorrow
they're forcing this man to perdition
Longing for some understanding
I can't express my thoughts for these people
I don't think I have any reason
I wonder if I can stand this any longer
I have to take this step,this step to a place
The place deep beneath or the place
high above the clouds
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