Never Let A Day Go By Testo

Testo Never Let A Day Go By


I can't say'
It's ever been easy watching time go by'
While everybody finds somebody'
I say 'no love, no cry'
I believe the words to every sad song on the radio'
Could love be a stranger' Heartache can't change it.
Now I've found you, I'll never let you go'

Now, I'll never let a day go by'
A day without your love'
I never can say goodbye'
I'll never give up on you'
I'm living in a perfect world'
And you're the reason why'
Oh, oh, oh, why'
I'll never let a day go by'

I'm now saying I can be certain'
Somewhere in my mind'
Somebody up there brought us together'
Same place, same time'
I used to tell myself'
I can be strong and live my life alone'
I must have been lying'
My heart was crying'
'Till you came and made it your home'
Now I'

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