The Wu Track Testo

Testo The Wu Track

(feat. Raekwon, U-God)

[Chorus: Raekwon]
MuskaBeatz, Mu-MuskaBeatz
Comin' through with the muthafuckin' Wu
MuskaBeatz, Mu-MuskaBeatz
Represent Wu, One Two, One Two
MuskaBeatz, Mu-MuskaBeatz
Comin' through with the muthafuckin' Wu
MuskaBeatz, Mu-MuskaBeatz
Represent, represent, represent...

Aiyo, aiyo
Take you back far nigga, go get the ganja
Pass me the wine, I do it on time
New style worthwhile, young child, get wild
Then I live foul, before I give you a smile
Do best, smoke cess, just rest, I confess
This style came stacked like packs of Guiness
Wait, hesitate, watch the shit sound great
Then debate, nigga tapes, so now you all had a plate
Before I let go, like the funk freak flow
But soon to be true, cuz my style is crazy new
Never said old, cuz it's never been told
Foulin' up on the mic, get me, hell no
You beggin' and please to see me, flip keys
You brag about show off, achoo, I sneeze
This the shit that got everybody rockin' heat
Lex Diamonds, C-Muska son, lets take the streets


Yo, yo, yo
I stay gifted, stay lifted
Roll one up, son, I stay spliffted
Bring your boys in, I poison your district
We be the misfits, scientific Wu (straight up, man)
Yeah, them niggas, wit triggas on your hitlist
Drop ballistic, warheads, you kissed it
Sip the Mystic, it's liquid liquid
It's rigid rigid, it's cold frigid frigid
Boy, you missed it, it's Chad Muska
Teamed up with the Wu Gotti hustlas
Body bust your shit, throw the rhyme
Touch down on the dime, then I nose grind off (pop off nigga!)
Show your shines off, blow your mind
I'll give it to you, just one more time
Then that's it, ain't nothin' stoppin' ya
The city's the playground, another obstacle


[Outro: U-God (Raekwon)]
Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu (represent, oh shit)
Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu (represent, word up)
Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu (yeah yeah nigga what)
Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu (represent, represent)
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