Aint Gotta Go Home Testo

Testo Aint Gotta Go Home

[Hook] You ain't gotta go home (you aint gotta go), but you gotta get the hell up out of here If you got someone (somebody), then go get you a room at the Holiday Inn If you ain't got no one (nobody), then go have some fun by yourself But whatever you do, don't let the door knob hit you on the way out [Chamillionaire] Niggaz was throwing rocks at the throne, and I got word of that The sequel to the Messiah, for what I already murdered that Niggaz hating on me, but look at 'em the nerve of that Nigga this ain't this type of beef, you can't take the burger back Burner back into my pocket, I'm trying to stop it Unless your mouth keeps leaking, dick back in your socket How does it feel, to know you wasted your whole lifetime Living your whole lifetime, just to worry bout mine Gimmik niggaz was dissing me, he was fake they was missing me Came to replace and make history, B I made 'em history You could feel like you real, because that feeling eventually Gon shrivel up, when reality turns it into misery And you niggaz is killing me, with your wanna-be-me's You a artist we bosses, the ones that fund c.d.'s All your gonna-be wanna-be, gonna punish me please You got me laughing, I'm asking if niggaz wanna be Steve Harvey, no you're hardly funny at all Running the game not at all, homie you running your jaw We grown folks, kiddy schoolers need to go run up the hall Niggaz boring just ignore him, and the dummy'll fall My brother is my descendent, we running a mile a minute Hut-hut it's time to win it, I see you behind the finish If you get there quit there, got ya swisha lit playa Blow smoke in the air, for the Color Changin' Click g'yeah (*cheering*) (*talking*) Ha-ha thanks a lot, appreciate it 'ppreciate it Hey mayne, shout out to everybody out there all the fans That been staying down with a nigga, you know I'm saying Through his whole career, watching him grow Watch us make it to that next level, we on our way baby You know I'm saying what up George Lopez, Juan Gonzalez Sup mayne, y'all holding me down still mayne Shout out to my niggaz out there on the West, what up Balance Ha-ha yeah ha, shout out to my niggaz over there on the East Coast mayne Selene what's up baby Garvey what's up dog ha-ha, Chamillitary mayne [Hook] You ain't gotta go home (you aint gotta go), but you gotta get the hell up out of here If you got someone (somebody), then go get you a room at the Holiday Inn If you ain't got no one (nobody), then go have some fun by yourself But whatever you do, don't let the door knob hit you on the way out [Chamillionaire] Ladies and gentlemen, homie must be on heroine Victory for me, but he thought he would have the narrow win My aim is to blame, when I load it inside the barrel and Put the third eye on him, and do a lil' more than stare at him Poet I know it, I Mr. modern day Shakespeare I'm a rider survival is what it is, it ain't fear The absolute truth, is just some'ing some niggaz can't hear Mike don't live here no mo', he got convicted he ain't here How the heck you set fiction on the table, put truth aside What you speaking my nigga, you can't look me into my eyes The good Lord spoke the truth, and that just got him crucified Y'all scared of the sharp dagger, you trading your truth for lies Look me in my eyes, nevermind I ain't trying to spook ya Voice of the present the past, yep I'm the future Soon as you speak the truth, all the haters will try to mute ya But if you the truth, all the traitors will call you Koopa Martin Luther King Koopa, many of 'em will listen But if you can't take the heat, then get your hot ass out the kitchen I heard words from Makevelli, riding was the ambition So I bomb first on fake niggaz, like I'm in his position Ay Chamillion you tripping, naw I'm handling bidness Raise my hand to the man, and my right hand is my witness I got a fo' to the fizzle, that's sure to damage your fitness But it ain't really even that serious, to tear you with stitches P you acting suspicious, you know me better than that If it was for a false reason, I would never react But you know me better than rap, niggaz was telling me facts So you can miss me with publicity, if they telling me that never that (*cheering*) (*talking*) Thank you-thank you, I appreciate the support But everyone please take your seats, I'm not done there's more [Chamillionaire] In this world of falsifying, where niggaz be claiming they real Turn around and tell you a lie, bout what he paid on his grill Same nigga that talk big, bout what he made on his deal The same to ask me for advice, like they don't pay me Chamill' Rappers ain't really real, only a few of 'em ball Pissy colored diamonds yep, I'm one of the few of 'em y'all Talking bout no piece and chain, and a few lil' cars Four thousand or five thousand, for what you do as a start Now keeping money in the vault, is the hardest part of the art Knowledge got my crew smart, even when my crew was apart Chamillionaire you did 'em wrong, why don't you get a heart If I showed it to you, would you see what it could do in the dark Whether you like it or not, don't really matter to me Cause most of the love I normally keep, inside my family tree So you can gossip, bout what really happened with Hatta and me Or you can gossip bout how so-and-so, way badder than me It don't really matter to me, becuase I'm done with it now Maturity level that I'm at, isn't even fun for a child So set your mouse pad on the Internet, and punish my style Or set your Reeboks on the streets of Houston, running me down It's whatever I've been better, at proving a nigga wrong Tell Goliath I don't need rocks, to prove a lil' nigga strong So tell Watts, forgive me I'm grooving I'm in my zone Property of Mike who, he ain't here that lil' nigga gone (*cheering*) (*talking*) Ha-ha ok we gon chill out, we gon chill out mayn We gon try to just keep it moving, you know I'm saying Focus on the music, give the fans some'ing to ride to You know I'm saying, "The Sound of Revenge" will be One of the best albums, to come out the South And I put everything on that ha, let me give a couple shout out's Shout out to Shahiem Reid, up there at MTV2 I appreciate the love Flex, Ke'noe, Killa Mike, Big Girl, 'sup Nancy We gon shake these haters off, know I'm saying ha-ha Who am I forgetting, James Shepard 'sup my nigga 'Sup my nig' ha-ha, O. Gizzle 'sup my nig' I know somebody gon say I forgot 'em but man I'll get you on the next go my nig', ha-ha

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