All Black Testo

Testo All Black

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
I bring that Major Pain,

(All black everything),

The game won't be the same,

I bring that major pain,

(All black everything)

The game won't be the same,

Pockets fulla stacks,
Walk around with heavy jeans,
Money on the line,
I'm a pick up when my celly rings,
Child, I'm ya destiny like Beyonce and Kelly Team?
Get her wetter than the weather that the broken levy bring,
She noticed my earring was way larger than a belly ring,
Betta take off that wedding ring,
Cause I don't want that head to sting,
Think you got the best head that the Dirty South has ever seen,
Than go down down,
Like that old-school song that Nelly sing,
All the plates on them say Kupa,
Foriegn cars,
Introduce ya,
That's Barack,
That's Michelle,
And that there is my Martin Luther,
All black hoopy train,
Wait for me to enter lobby,
All black Mazariti,
Hard body,
No Keyoti,
I ain't never met a Robert,
But I'm friends with a Deniro,
Also international,
I can get it in the Euro,
Girl I gotta real big ego,
Plus I'm colder than sub-zero,
Boy don't try to be a hero,
Shoot a bullet through a needle.
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