All Of The Lights (Freestyle) Testo

Testo All Of The Lights (Freestyle)

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre

let me remind yo all, just because you ... on me you nice
let me help you fix their ...
turn on the lights in here baby
extra bright ...
turn up the lights ... you know what i mean
...see everything

if yo all hooked on keeping the lights on then i'm thinking it's about to get dark
got 8 in my pocket now at pull that be a good shark
all i need is good brandy, your chick told me she book smart
invited your chick in between my sheets she got in there like a bookmark
thirsty whose just look perch, rappers say they all goons
they don't really have guns drawn unless we talking about art rooms
all these rappers cartoons screw them chop like art toons
yo sound they ... yo sound that echo our voice like large rooms
i show up and yo all ruin
like what the heck is yo all doin
thought you had the shot knock, i block block that like htat boy ewing
all these nuts that you are chewing
they fake that's we saw through them
feeling like david copperfield, lay them down and i'm gonna saw through them
vrum vrum, yo all some loosers
snatching beats from your producers
then i snatch your girl from your weed both can practice kamasutra
... like martin luther, that's what you will call cooper
if you don't like me go and get a camera
then hang yourself like art future
till they see my billboard, see my face in billboard
ben franklin got nothing to do so i spend dough like my bill's board
trust me i am still lord regard that they would kill for
haters you can die happy, you can call that kill joy, haha

turn on the lights in here baby
extra bright ...
turn up the lights in here baby you know what i mean
what you can see everything ...

got a money counter, nick named ...bianca
asked her do she love her job and she'll answer me encanta
call that rover snow white, she say mui blanca
better not let your tears see me, she blitzing like i'm santa
ah, kick rocks, i'm way too thrill to live life
well i'm acting like i ain't got a wrist watch
and no tic tic tic tic tic tic tac
they don't ever break records, they just wait till they get hot
you say you a dj that don't mean you got to disk jock
just like that do that disk jock
you all talking about romance
i'm talking like wacka flocka girl hold that pro with no hands
i don't ask girls to slow dance, 2 grande for trojans
if you ain't got racks on top of racks just shut it just like dough jams
yo all ain't sittin on no land, look around talk about flow plans
she ain't gonna go pose dance cause she know none of you gonna progress
paper that's in your pants, pockets got no old mans
see a thousand there and not a stallion there
you ain't real plus you got no chance, haha, really chance, never mind, never mind

turn on the lights in here baby
extra bright ...
turn up the lights in here baby you know what i mean
what you can see everything ...
all of the lights, too nice, too nice
all of the lights.
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