Already Dead (intro) Testo

Testo Already Dead (intro)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey there little fella
I know you missed me
You're a mean little fella aren't you?
You hungry?

Chamillitary mayne

Here lizard lizard lizard
Here lizard lizard lizard
Major pain major pain
Here lizard lizard lizard
Here lizard lizard lizard

Hustles and my players let's talk to these haters do your boy a favor turn right to your neighbors
We got of the majors but still doing major nobody can save ya when Koopa bring that major pain

Here we go

Nah I won't let them turn me pop even though my little niece like Justin Beiber
Yeah I made that song Ridin Dirty but that should let ya know that I clutch a heater
Yeah I got played by Michael Jordan and I swear MJ he such a diva
Moral of the story is I don't care cause yeah I'm still here plus I don't need ya
Yeah I met a girl at taco bell that slipped me her number in a fajita
Funny thing is ain't order that I took that hoe back and got her beat up
Why I gotta get back on my throne on and keep turning these fake fans to believers
Yeah I got a car [?] from my major label I swear hung up tha receiver

Do you wanna be successful so bad that you know you would do it ever?
Would you be the one to jump the ship to be safe or hold that ship together?
Would be the chicks that try to leave once you can't live like Cinderella?
Would you be broke and chill with god or you would be rich and with the devil?
What you gonna do when the music stops or would you still do this accapela?
That decision is really yours and it really ain't much that I could tell ya
What I know is that I ain't you and my words I'll be the realest ever
Chamillitary will rain forever just know I ain't talking about the weather

Right and then left right and then left march with me forever soldier take another step
Right and then left right and then left march with me forever soldier take another step

This is for you know who and don't you ever be mislead
I know just how I said it and I meant just what I just said
I feel as good as ever when I hop outta my bed
Baby you ain't living life you must be already dead
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