Bring The Chalk In Freemix Testo

Testo Bring The Chalk In Freemix

You know that it's my badazz freemix

Say my name
I dear em [x4]
Just tell em houston got more than a problem
Don't mean to brag but I think that I'm awesome

Man it's a shame
I stopped caring [x4]
Cause I didn't like the way that they was talking
So now I'm bout to kill it bring the chalk in

[Verse 1:]
I don't need a group I move alone
They don't let me park I move that cone
I'm a walk in watch you perform
Then kick you off stage if you too long
They don't love you until you gone
I bein doin this for too damn long
You bein down for the last 2 damn songs
But when the album get due it's on
Catch me in norway, catch me in iraq
Catch me in places were you'll never fly at
Somewhere loading up bullets into my gat
In a black hawk sittin next to the pilot
Maybe in the college hopping outta my lac
Making curry your girl tellin me ta try that
Sending me a contact, number I'm a dial that
Later on I'm a tap tap it like a high hat
No, I can't be no hoe
Who ya know that il be d before
Whatchu thought that the kid won't gone show
My surgeons got toys no g.I joe
When I show up I'm a be so low
Your confidence is gon be so low, be so low, be so low
Feelin like mystikal bow, HERE I GO


[Verse 2:]
Tell me what your stats bout
Is he gettin that clout
Car that I'm pullin out looking like a black out
Gettin rid of that dawg card never max out
Cribs and money nickname jerry stackhouse
Better shut your fat lip hit ya right in that mouth
I don't never sleep like I'm layin on a bad couch
Go against me you don't wanna go that route
Still up in the game so I'm bout to take the trash out

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