Day Dream Testo

Testo Day Dream

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[Intro: Chamillionaire - talking]
Time [alarm ringing]
I dream to have "C.R.E.A.M."
They tell me "Cash Rules Everything" (thing)
First I'm a get a scheme, then I'm get some green
'Cause nothin comes to a dreamer but a dream

[Chorus: Sample from "Daydream in Blue" by I Monster (Chamillionaire)]
Day dream (day dream)
I fell asleep amid the flowers (I had the money and the power)
For a couple of hours (for a couple of hours)
On a beautiful day (and didn't wanna OA)

Day dream (day dream)
I dream of you amid the flowers (I had the money and the power)
For a couple of hours (for a couple of hours)
Such a beautiful day (and didn't wanna OA)

[Verse: Chamillionaire]
Hold up, put in your offer in, the mixtape God's stoppin in
Bootleggers used to be beggars, now they nonprofitin
Sold a million mixtapes to every Mom and Pop and then
I sold "A Milli" to every single Mom and Pop again (woo!)
They askin why he never bring the hardtop with him
They sayin that "money talks", then why are y'all talkin then?
Got the six car garage where my cars park and then
I'm switchin 'em all around, I call it cross-marketing
'Cause a label didn't do it, so I did it on my own
You say you should be yourself, your label tell you that ya wrong
Should of known (known), I'm takin another trip to the 'Tone
'Cause they loved you in the past and they still loved you when ya grown
Blown, look at my cover, can't even hide (why?)
Not even with the word "Gucci" coverin my eyes
Tellin lies (lies), they told you that Texas would never rise
Then it rised but now they just ready for it's demise (but surprise)

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