Deep Off In The Game Testo

Testo Deep Off In The Game

(feat. Bun B & The MddlFngz)

Hey man what's wrong withchu?
Fuck you then nigga!
I'm still tryin' to find out nigga!
Hold up...
Oh we got a problem here?!
We got a problem here?!
We got a problem nig-!

[Bun B:]
It's the return of the Trill,
Niggaz hide ya'll stash (stash).
We dressed in all black (black),
And got the hood on smash (smash).
I walk it like Dame Dash (Dash),
One shot, one kill, ask anybody.
And they gon' tell you Bun B real (Southern Smoke).
While I pull up on ya,
Cali Cokeland unleashed, niggaz clearin' the corner.
Perfect the [?] movin' much weight.
This one for Pimp in the penitentiary upstate,
Damn! Come on Bun... Wait! Nah nigga,
This one dedicated to Pimp in the penitentiary upstate.
'Til he come home [?],
We neva forget the homies on lock or the [?]
[?] Bad ass [?] Sean Williams, Big Mark [?]
And we ain't givin' a damn,
If ya need a kilogram, two, three, or a dozen
Come on down to Texas, holla at ya country cousin

I can show ya how to get 'Stangs,
How to flip game, show you how to (grip grains?)
How to (drip stains?)
Bitch we deep off in the game (Bitch we deep off on in the game),
Bitch we deep off in the game (Bitch we deep off on in the game).
We be kickin' in yo back do's, cockin' back fo's,
Show you how to make ho's, slammin' (lack do's?).
Bitch we deep off in the game (Bitch we deep off on in the game),
Bitch we deep off in the game (Bitch we deep off on in the game).

[Mdle Fingaz]
I learned how to shoot a Mack 10 before I turned 12,
Pop shells, burn black skin, turn pale.
You out go get mail, I'll show you boys how to sell yay,
And how to tell when you weigh without a scale.
Motel 6, all blow sell quick.
And I ain't gonna sell shit
Sell dicks and dimes, twenties, even 3,000 club sacks,
By ya'll [?] guaranteed to come back (ah!)
Turn sand into rocks with soda.
No wrists, just a thug tryin' to watch his quota,
Microwave on top of the stove, these hands is cold I.
Stretch the book, see how much it hold,
Most niggaz think the water be cold, really hot!
Keep it warm 'til the finishing lot, nah cold!
Nigga listen and watch, we take ya bricks on the road.
Tryin to hold ya spot

[?](Southern Smoke), you gettin' in the way,
I'm getting' rich niggaz getting' pissed,
Cuz most pussy niggaz play.
We can let the metal settle differences,
Let a cap set a day.
Point guard number (60?),
So an opponent better play.
My [?],
So close to the [?].
[?] check my prior.
[?] said I'm on fire.
I'll give ya proof, nigga time expired

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