Flow (Bonnie And Clyde) Testo

Testo Flow (Bonnie And Clyde)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hold up man
watch me come down
and do my thang
watch me swang wide
while my ride change
groupies it ain't a thang
we switchin and grippin grain
and getting the money man
and my name is chamillinaire
and I ride swangs
from shreveport little rock
to taliman
groupies it ain't a thang
we switchin and grippin grain
and lovin the money

I show her off to the groupies
let the know shes in my life
when I billionaire I let a foreinger be my wife
its a period every month
when I don't get to touch her
but after four or five days of sober fiendin will clutch her
scremin to bust nut
please dont be a nut
cause only a nut
would try to put his hands on my slut
a lot of guys with her
but them other guys dont matter
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