He Gon Let You Go Testo

Testo He Gon Let You Go

[Talking] Fuck Action 37 And A Half [Chamillionaire Talking] Im Gonne Be Totally Honest Wit You Right Now. I Think You Know What You Need To Do. Yeah, You Need To Go Back To Him [Chamillionaire] Hey Its True That Chamillitarys A King, And A King Is Supposed To Marry A Queen But You Still Playin On Various Teams, Sexin With Me While You Wearin His Ring More Youre With Me, The Better It Seems I Lift Up Your Spirits, You Sharin Your Dreams Comin That House, He Be Cursin You Out Gets Full Of That Lean, And Very Obscene This Team Or That Team, Pick A Team Theres No In Between But You Wanna Play With Mr. King, Dont Wanna Go Back To Mr. Clean Leave All The Fussin And Fightin At Home, We Under The Covers We Stuck In The Zone Aint Gotta Worry Bout Nuthin We Grown, Hair Gettin Pulled Like Its Stuck In A Comb I Aint Gotta Chase To Get It, You Clutchin The Pillow Your Face Is In It I Discipline You Like A Principal, Look At Your Legs They Stay Suspended Up In The Air Im Touchin You (Yeah), Youre Gettin Excited And Rough Wit A (Playa) On Top Of My Lap While Im Up In A Chair, Instead Of At Home Stuck With A Square Find Out Feelings Gonna Get Hurt, But Ima Keep It Trill Cause Koopa Aint Tryin To Lock Your Girl Down, No Familys Over Here Who In The Hell Was Able To Tell Her Man She Was With Camill Vehicle Tinted Up In My Windows Up To Match Candy Over Seal I Dont Have To Pretend, I Have To Spend On Platinum To Match My Grill Just Take The Trojan Out The Package, Then (Get Your Back) Then I Rap My Skin (When You Want A Good Time) You Ask For Me, Want Stress On Yo Mind You Ask For Him Its After 10 I Snatch You In, You Tellin Me You Wanna Get Waxed Again After That You Go Back To Him, The Truth You Never Expect To Show Sex Was Strong Your Stress Is Low, Think Hell Never Detect The Glow (He Shoulda Been A Detective Though), You Thinkin He Aint Gon Never Know But He Knew As Soon As You Step In The Door, You Came Back Smellin Like Sex And Mo He Gon Let You Go

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