Homicide Testo

Testo Homicide

[feat. Young Jeezy, Chevy Woods, Wiz Khalifa]

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
I try not to overdose
But I love this liifeee
I'm tryna figure which car I'm a drive tonight
They'll say you changed up when you get your money right
But people change up that use to be on your side
But me I just let em go, I tell em byeee
Cause they should know, that I'm gettin mine
Can't really phase us but I know that they'll try
I'm switchin lanes up why they commit suicide
I'm killing em

[Young Jeezy:]
It ain't even fair
Got the Mazi' out, look like Nicki here
White drop head, call it white chalk
Burn the insides, 57 soft
And nigga I'm killin 'em, bring the body bags
Count a million, fill the body bag
In my murder coupe, call it toe tag
Spend a grip nigga, call me 4 Jags
And nigga I'm killin' 'em, call a murder case
Got my Rolli' on, got the murder face
Roll another blunt, dust my shoulders off
Niggas hatin' Young, watch me shake 'em off


I'm killin em, what the hell ya'll doin
Stack of ben franklins up to my ear then I talk to em
Hope off the plane in laguardia just to ball ewing
That's so ironic cause balls is just what ya brauds chewin
Quick to get in the win, livin like gilligan
Thought you was going somewhere just keep on trying again
Ya'll boys don't really spin, keep your opinions
You could done as good as me you woulda already did it then
Ya'll faker than jerry springer, sick of these fairy singers
Faker than tommy befriending martin to marry gina
I drop that poison that hoe gon hit cha like hiroshima
Watch your girl feed me grapes with her thumb and her married finger
Soon as she hit the crib too late I swear I got her
That's when that dragon pop outta nowhere like harry potter
Tell me why would I bother ta let ya'll even bother moi
Just bought 4 automars but tomorrow I order more
Most of ya'll on suspension they trick anthey call it pimpin
Ain't got no love for hoes nah cupid ain't caught me slippin
Laugh at these lil boys braggin bought all the cars they flippin
Can't ball with the greatest when you ain't even no comp for pimpin


[Chevy Woods:]
With black on black cars coming through
Presidential shit, tints on the whip
So dark can't see who riding in that bitch
Suits and tie's no questions why
Somebody get a box ready for these guys
No four door, had the coupe that ride
That eagle right here if you wanna feel fly
No games though, no names spoke
This crack right here, cocaine flow
I don't know what you doing but I'm paid bro
Yeah I pitch that 9 like pedro
Stuck in the car with my nigga I'm ready to ride
We on our way to the top, watch that paper rise
Keep telling everybody what you gonna do
Middle finger like fuck what you going through
All I know is that money that I'm going to
And them gang boys wanna bore you
Like wassup cause I told you
Just money in the pocket, fold you
T-A-Y-L-O-R G-A-N-G Gang


[Wiz Khalifa:]
First 48, first 48
Took out 50 racks and blew the first 48
I ain't worried about spending bread cause I got more to make
Soon as they see that Maserati they gone surely hate
Hundred for a show, can you afford a date
And that's just one show, imagine what my tour gon make?
Police ran up on my tour bus
But hey my niggas more money more problems
More lawyers on the case
Niggas at the Grammys
I was at the crib working
Heard they little diss but I'm just being the big person
Never been trained, still my aim near perfect
Everything I spits murder

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