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(*fan on phone*) Hey yo Koopa what's up man, this is Lil' Josh man I'm calling from Cleveland, Ohio man And basically, I'm just calling to let you know that you know I'm saying Up here, y'all boys is the only thing that we really jam Know I'm saying, Koopa I'm a huge fan of the old Chamillitary Entertainment Click movement man, that I can rap you know I'm saying I know you prolly get people, that say they could rap all day You know I'm saying, but I'm tal'n bout I can really really really really... [Chamillionaire] Ain't really knowing where you going, but you going through it Ah you love to go to the studio, devoted to it Light up a swisha nigga, get a sweet and blow it to it Cause this year gonna be a year, you'll be sure to do it I know ya going through some thangs, trying to get in the game But you complain, cause these rappers that you hearing is laim And it's a shame, that ain't nobody seeing your pain It's like, and tears never show in the rain But you don't hear me though, like the music really low You love rap mayn, but you don't feel the gimmicks no You feel like you a real nigga, when you spit a flow Everybody'll be on your dick, when you finna blow Yeah-yeah, you know I hear ya mayn Situation ain't changed, mayn it's still the same You trying to get at Puff, you trying to get at Dame Plastic crack in the trunk, trying to get a name But they diss you, everytime you approach the guy How you survive, you can't sell a c.d. mo' than five Trust me, they couldn't feel your pain mo' than I Keep on grinding for it, and your money multiply I, use to scrabble raps up in my pad No do' just hope, yep that's all I had And my family, they didn't like it that's why I was mad Couldn't live up my own dreams, that's why I was bad Bad yeah, and you could color me bad But now the screen looking green, and they shoving me that I hear him scream bout the cream, but it doesn't be fact Cause it's only a few that's true, and really does it with rap That's the truth, that y'all would never hear Cause the picture they try to paint for you, is never clear Paint the pictures I see right through it, like it's Ever-clear You don't know the truth when you hear it, get a better ear yeah (*Faith Evans*) Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am hopeful for today Take this music and use it, let it take you away And be hopeful-hopeful, and he'll make a way I know it ain't easy, but that's ok - 2x (*singing*) (*fan on phone*) You know I'm saying, you a underground legend You know I'm saying, I look up to you Koopa and I would love to sign with Chamillitary I would love to be a part of Color Changin' Click man I know you got a busy schedule man, but I'm telling you Koopa If you'd just give me a shot man, I know you won't regret it man I just really wanna be down with you man, I'm saying This Lil' Josh, from Cleveland

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