Houston Got A Problem Testo

Testo Houston Got A Problem

Michael Watts, Chamillionaire
Yea so rare so player so unfair
Haha yea

Hold up hold up, hold up hold up
Yea yea

Mi- Michael Watts, mi- Michael Watts
Hold up
I gotta problem, rich problem

First I got the black card, then I got the black cars
Then I got the mansion with the pool card in the backyard
Then I heard these wack boy, talkin alla that noise
Like they can't respect is cause I did it all with rap boys

[Chorus: x2]
Houston got a problem, I think that houston got a problem
But if we don't then let me know

Houston got a problem, I think that houston got a problem
And if we do I'm ready to go

Ask around that texas I'm the hardest rapper breathing
These other boys just watch me and bite me like they teething
It's a couple of them that I'l say that they can see him
I'm too camouflaged for all these boys I stay fatiguing
Everybody jacking, everybody swagga thieving
Feel em reachin in the pocket that I keep my keys in
Keep a car full of harpoons just for that reason
See me car pullin better not come in the deep end
Uh, out on the balcony I'm cautious
I look down on the earth it's true this view will make you nauseus.
Uh, and yea I only roll with bosses that be so heated up that they don't even know what frost is
Uh, I couldn't tell you what the cost is I put the purchase on and never leave out with the boxes
Uh, and I'm the poster child for profit I'm runnin laps I paper chase and never get exhausted
Oh shh
Yea I'm still the rapper that they love ta hate
I still eliminate your woman like elima-date
Anybody that ain't me is prolly feelin fake
My ben franklins like women so my money straight
I'm gettin mail, told ya gal, that she better call
Open my mail it was mailing my letter dog
She wanna strip let her strip you should let her dog
I have her spinnin round a pole like a teather ball
Hold up Michael Watts, hit em with some chops
Get in my way on the freeway I hit em with my drop
If they don't know what time it is then hit em with the clock
The biggest problem outta houston in your presence watch
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