I´m Busy Testo

Testo I´m Busy

[Hook] I know you're trying to see me, but I'm kinda busy She telling me, she like my song (she said she like my song) She said she got nothing on, but heels and a striped thong Girl I think it's time to bone (girl I think it's time to bone) Bring the Screwed up c.d., cause this time is easy To stop hiding behind your phone (stop hiding behind your phone) That's what lil' mama told me, so you already know That a playa bout to bone (that a playa bout to bone) [Chamillionaire] Got a girl in Dallas, she love Pappa Deaux She be calling me up, Koopa let's eat Sorry, but I got a radio interview to do I gotta hook up with Milla Mack, and Greg Street Maybe we can retreat, to get a bite to eat Take a night to sneak, to a tightless suite You can invite some freaks, but get it right I'm cheap I won't pay you could leave, with tonight's receipt I'm in Alabama, or Louisiana Ke'Noe and Dobey, BeBe and Jabber When I'm not in the lab, you know I'm trying to grab a Couple G's chick please, what are you getting mad for I'm in Atlanta in the morning When I hook up with Killa Mike, Lil' Jon and them All of my calls, I'm gonna forward them To the answer machine, please call again I'm busy [Hook - 2x] Sorry you didn't reach me, just the answer machine Sorry I'm not by the phone (I'm not by the phone) But you know that I'm gone, call you when I get home Leave a message after the tone (leave a message after the tone)

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