I Run It Testo

Testo I Run It

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
They all happy about the records I sold
Now I'm back for the victory, 'bout to get on the road
They say I gotta sell records, but I ain't sellin my soul
I won't sell it for platinum and I won't sell it for gold
The game full of suckers, I know that they gotta go
Now the Chamillinator's the general in control
So when I tell you I run it, it's because I run it
And you should run from it, you know you don't want it

[Verse 1: Chamillionaire]
Yeah, rappers be talkin too much, just like they rap for the Feds
I got a lot of little crumbsnatchers that's after me bread
Notice that I said after, cause that is back where I left
March 27, I'm droppin, that means you have to be scared
Yeah I'm cookin up somethin, in rap I'm Dennis the Menace
I put a G periodically on the table like a chemist
My homie keep that metal right in your mouth like a dentist
The hateration is shrinkin like the amount of your minutes
on your Sidekick Motorola, your Nextel phone
They wanna know what's the business, I'ma let my neck tell homes
I drop the budget on what you might think my neck sells loans
So far you can't reach me like when your Nextel roams
Like a tunnel in Amsterdam, Cham he got a dope flow
Your flow kinda SoCo, Chamillitary's the logo
The lizard will visit, so disrespect is a no no
Cause you know the fo fo will (*brrp*) stick 'em like pogo
Pogo stick, the homoness in the industry
Got me a little shaky about every rapper that isn't me
Ask anybody out there who think that he lyrically
Killin me and he droppin quicker than a Reggie Miller 3
Step in the label and I tell 'em give me my green
Then I send in Famous and make 'em give to my team
I got that money and power kinda like Jimmy Iovine
A little more money than power so they call me "Jimmy High Cream"
Or maybe Jimmy Hakeem, they respectin me, why?
Cause my sales are above, ain't even next to the sky
I know a few backstabbers, but I'm not expectin to die
Cause I keep my eyes open like I'm expectin a knife
I run it in the underground, so y'all step to the side
It's like lightning the minute my wrist and necklace collide
Magazines sneak this in, tryna mess up my Vibe
Now 1.3 million fans will accept your reply
Cause I run it

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