Put You On Game Testo

Testo Put You On Game


I'm the truest to do it (x10)

Go go go go go go ahead go ahead (x4)

A Texas legend with the most lyrical style, single hook is spittin always down to freestyle, we don't try to be pals, naw mayne, don't wanna holla at me now, you should write a book and call it 'how to be down', askin why do we clown, cause I'm the truth I look in the mirror and say thankyou (Thanks!) For being the only rapper that admit you ain't a gangsta, I knew you gonna love how vivid the picture is that I paint ya, You feelin like you a willing nigga than me in your heart ain't ya, I tried to warn him but kept getting the cold shoulder, they thinkin they flow is colder til they thinkin they got rolled over, you destiny's child now you feelin it though soldier my nigga you know you over, you really got no flow bro, for pumpin that plastic crack out of my trunk, and I jump when the they may just tell me to jump, let it bump, I'm validictorian nigga I neva flunked, askin cushy pussy ass niggas get punked, I was with the house but I wasn't feeling the vibe, you can interview me I ain't got nothin to hide, transaction denied, I'm a flamethrower why these suckas get fried, when they ask about me, uh he must've replied, you gotta love me nigga I swallow my pride, them records be dissin me but I let them slide, I might let you slide, but watch yourself or we gon' have to collide and thats the last one that i'll rewrite chamillitary nigga


Society said I'm a menace, but it isn't cause I'm old dawg, its because my froze jaws got ya vision throwed off, show you how a pro floss when he goes to the dentist, before I finish this sentence they askin How much did them hoes cost? I spit on Paul Wall cause you know you so soft friendly ass teddy bear step up and get broke off (broke off), you a rapper why you ridin niggas dicks, how you a chick magnet? you no different than a bitch, switch sider, dick rider, you a no north or south rider, you a dick sucka partner open up ya mouth wider, we could go toe to toe, one on one with a gun, put yo head in yo ass til you lookin at the sun, used to read the Bible tryna give a nigga hugs, only punch me from behind when you jump in the club , not a scratch not a scar not a cut not a smudge, nigga used to go to church now you wanna be a thug, you went from Gulfbank to 4-4 to 5-9 South Lee, tryin to fit in so you grill and show yo mouthpiece
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