Screw Jamz Testo

Testo Screw Jamz

[Hook] She told the DJ pardon me, I need some Swishahouse Color Changin' Click and, Boss Hogg and Wreckin' Yard in my life (In my life, in my life, in my life) weeell A Slow Loud And Bangin' c.d., some Screwed Up Click and A little Sucka Free, cause that's what I need in my life Yes it is, weell weell [Chamillionaire] She say she listens to my music, but she can't get into it She don't like it regular speed, she like it when they screw it What I'm fin to do is, call Ron and Watts on my phone Tell em slow it down, so the ladies can get they grind on Yellow red or brown tone, call me when your guy's gone If you gotta shake that lick, them haters get they diet on She's the type rich men, will give money for some action Said she's light skinned and, and she'll strip for Andrew Jacksons Gets excited when, she be jamming them F Actions Turn the lights off then, and if you wanna get your grind on Just go pick up that phone, then just get your dial on Call me up I'll come over, and help you turn your smile on [Hook] [Chamillionaire] She's calling me, on my phone Telling me she's feeling freaky, her body's in need of me Hopping in on my 4's, grabbing my Chopped and screwed c.d., and my grey T-A-P-E Y'all know, playas get chose Color Changin' Click c.d., Michael Watts, OG Ron C Even your neighbors knew, just what I came to do They seen the navy blue, choking on things of two They know it ain't your boo, they heard us banging Screw Making the headboard bang, while I'm banging you Giving you a work out, like a trainer Hit it then I flip you over, to change the view My sex is a weapon, that's aimed at you Finish and reload, just like a gangbanger do You little angel you, that's what your friends think Cause they didn't see you, sipping on that red drink Getting drunk, while I hit it on the sink In the kitchen and I'm switching, I can hit it till the bed sink You can lock the lock, I'm fin to rock the twat I'm fin to give your friends, something new to talk about Fin to give it to you shorty, you gon feel it in your body Everytime Ron and Michael Watts, chop a spot I ain't forgot about, the true DJ Screw Cause if it wasn't for Screw, wouldn't be nothing to do No claiming red, no claiming blue It wouldn't be nothing to bang, while I'm banging you, jeah [Hook] (*talking*) She said Koopa, I know you be checking these niggaz But can the ladies get a lil' love, yeah [Chamillionaire] I don't discriminate the race, pretty face pretty shape Shaped like figure eight, she can get a little steak We can end a date, like a episode of Ricki Lake Call a couple of your friends, they could participate Get on my three way, now what is the delay I pull out the video cam, and show you the replay I screw you real slow, like a H-Town DJ We could jam Bun B, and that U to the G.K And a little Sucka Free, ain't enough for me Big M-O-E, gotta give me the whole S.U.C., they'll screw it Money over B.I. to the T-H to the E-S In the streets shake the peace, everybody respect the streets Everybody'll shine, from the neck and teeth Gotta give me the S.P.C., Trae and Dougie D Free that nigga Z-Ro and that Pimp C, cause thay'll screw it Girl I got you wet, girl I'll kiss your neck And I know that the sex, sure to make you sweat I show respect, to the Swisha vets And the Screwed Up Click G's, get respect Lil' O and C-N-O to the E, 'Face and Willie D Big Pokey, Flip and E.S.G., they'll screw it (*talking*) Yeah, slow jam ain't a slow jam Unless it's a screw jam Can't listen to it, no other way Gotta be screwed up DJ Screw, rest in peace Mix Tape Messiah

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