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Testo Victory (flow)

(*talking*) That's what it is, "The Sound of Revenge" Summer 2005 nigga, whoooooo [Chamillionaire] Gimmick rappers, can't lie forever But as long as I'm here, gimmick rappers gon die together Told lil' mama I love drama, no one tried to tell her She shoulda left the club, instead of trying to find a fella The villain's born, dark storms that's my kind of weather Sending gimmick niggaz to the mall, to go buy umbrellas Like Eminem was telling them, that they should die it yella Some of my fans they look like Cham, but say I am better Picture the though of that, since no one spit a harder rap I told 'em that I'm Jehova's lil' brother, the God of rap Don't play me like you a atheist, face it it's more fact Gimmick rappers have heart attacks, when you tell 'em that God is back The problem is more than that, like Iraq when the gats in em You diss me you gon be done, like a snack when the rats get em After the baptism, the black in the black hit em No need for that gat, cause fact is the raps kill em Live your life like a mockery, niggaz will see the prophecy Stare at a flight of stairs, 'fore you ever think you on top of me Nigga how could you possibly, think that you could be stopping me Destiny couldn't stop me, I move and that hoe be watching me Fans are no longer crying to see, Jay-Z throw up the dynasty Not big as that nigga Jigga, but nigga tell 'em it's time for me Rap game is dying to me, I'm the rapper they trying to see I could bring it back, not only force-ably but violently Ladies and gentlemen, introducing from Houston The truth and I'm in the booth, and your truth is a big illusion What you choosing if you're choosing, to jump into the confusion You losing and end up choosing, and cruise it into a bruising nigga (*talking*) I'm peeping out here in these streets, and I see these old Record labels trying to advance, trying to drop old material On a nigga, so instead of Controversy Sells we gon switch it up Summer 2005, "The Sound of Revenge" [Chamillionaire] Then they said on the radio, I ain't beefing with rappers no mo' But tell 'em to go correct it, cause rappers be acting homo Came in and screaming duo, I'm leaving and screaming solo Disrespecting the logo's a no-no, I'll leave you rojo Hey that's red in Spanish, real niggaz'll never vanish We rise up and then we ride up on haters, prepare to panic Put ya teflon on, you better go get it plant it Rip off your chest piece, to make niggaz remember Janet Ay log on the net, type in "the villain" and search And realize why gimmick rappers is hurt, cause the truth hurts And you jerks (you jerks), is a package of skirts Put your little advance, back in your purse ha-ha That nigga say he don't like me, he acting like he a wifey Ain't held a pistol, acting like he the type that'll snipe me You don't like me invite me, you don't like me come fight me And if you can't afford the flight, and you don't like me then write me I ain't concerned, with any of your concerns I'm trying to stack, plack on top of plack like gum germs I got enough tongue twisters, to make the tongue turn Make the sun burn, I'm so hot I could give it sun burn So call up, Kay Slay and ask him who is The trillest to spit it, then call up DJ Whoo-Kid DJ Drama, Vlad Green, Lantern and Kool-Kid Tell 'em it's time to switch they playlist up, with the new kid What's his name, Chamillitary mayn (*talking*) Yeah, the hardest rap nigga and if you beg to differ Step to the mic, and spit some'ing sicker nigga Ha-ha, Chamillitary mayn

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