Wuz Up Wuz Up Testo

Testo Wuz Up Wuz Up

(*talking*) Uh ha-ha, Play-N-Skillz Big Tuck, Chamillionaire hey let's go [Hook - 2x] Haters we ain't scared of them, in the club we punish them Promise we don't play with them, grab that thang and aim at them Real throw your knuckles up, represent throw your cities up Niggaz hating rough 'em up, represent throw it up [Chamillionaire] Chamillionaire till you see it, hey (don't forget the K) Niggaz getting in the way, hey don't forget the K I don't need to bring the K, I'm ready to knuckle up Drop a beat down on him, like I'm Skillz and the Play (got skills I don't play), I'ma hit him with the knuckle game And then Rasaq, gonna hit him with another swang The whole click, gonna hit him with another (bang) Feeling dizzy, he can't remember his mother's name (let me wake you up), let me refresh your memory I can be your worst friend, or your bestest enemy Please tell him what he's guilty of ref, (a penalty) Get hit so hard, you would think it's ten of me (but what's the deal), my nigga hol' up We fin to po' up, another cold cup Is you ready to sell, (my nigga sho' nuff) Cause D-Town to H-Town, got it (sowed up) Go on throw up your hood, and I'ma know you real Nigga show him your slug, (nigga show him your grill) Them niggaz ain't looking for trouble, over here And I'm not Big Tuck, but so I'm so (for real) If you blowing kill, but you know you trill And you see the laws pull up, but you blowing still (And they see your pinky ring), when you hold your wheel Roll the window up on em, and go g'yeah-g'yeah [Hook - 2x] [Big Tuck] This what we gotta do, dismantle you and your whole crew promise you Stirring up beef like stew bitch nigga you, fuck what you going through You'd think you in a zoo, how these bats and gorillas rush you Stinking like jelly fish do, why whip one whip two And I'ma hocus and beat you like Peru, we don't need clues where is my tools Abric Diesel pants, matching my shoes You niggaz know, that we're not here to lose I'm finna send my hollow tips, trying to bruise Whoa ride to the island of youth, fuck it choke him till he blue Subtract two Cardier for your crew, doctors have work to do Fuck it throw your cups up, you got money throw your bucks up We done opened doors, we get them hoes up Bout them bitches, throw your skirts up Niggaz shine like a laser show, still counting money from two days ago Bar tender get very violent mo', what kinda tracks everybody know [Hook - 2x] [Chamillionaire] I don't mean, to interrupt I'ma pass it to the Tuck, we gon po' another cup We gon get a lot of hoes, we gon load 'em in the truck Take 'em to the hotel, like what's up-what's up Trying to deal with it, you gon have no luck My patience get low, when my grands go up No money up front, you gon have no us We gon burn off the lot, like man hol' up Cause I'm not a lame, I got the game I start the swangs, hop out the lane If you cock the thang, you better pop the thang Or I'll knock your brain, up out your frame Ain't real, them boys ain't true Stick a fork in him, cause that boy there through Don't worry bout that boy, if that boy ain't you He a thing of the past, what that boy name [Big Tuck] Fuck it, po' it up then Said what's up, let me see what click you in You a bad bitch, let me see some skin Pass then, pass then Keep it popping, till the sun begin Then find us a hotel, to check up in Jacuzzi suite, room 20-10 Come on in, I see you brought your friend [Chamillionaire] Them boys, don't do it big as us Them boys, ain't even real as us But them boys over there, grilling us So all my real niggaz, let's knuckle up None of them niggaz, as true as us Ain't nothing, they can do do us What y'all niggaz wanna do, what's up They ain't ready, for Chamillionaire and Tuck What it is (what's up, what's up) What it is (what's up, what's up) What it is (what's up, what's up) Who you with (Koopa, Big Tuck) You already know it (what's up, what's up) What it is (what's up, what's up) What it is (what's up, what's up) Who you with (Koopa, Big Tuck) You already know it, g'yeah-g'yeah (*talking*) G'yeah G'yeah, Chamillionaire and Big Tuck Y'all boys gon have to get your heart right mayn Ready to knuckle up and tussle nigga You already know it, Color Changin' Click

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