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Testo Your Connect

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
See? There's a big difference between them and me.
They're loud... and obnoxious!
You know?
The type to do alota yellin' in the crowded parking lot.
The guys that never really do much of nothin'.
I'm the one in the background...
The quiet one... the deadly one.
The one you gotta worry about!
You can just call me... "your connect"!
As long as nobody gets outta line, everything'll be just fine.
So listen!
I got a proposition.
It's time to cut out the middle men.
Matter of fact... send my condolences to the little man!
I gave you plenty for free!
Now I'm givin' you a skip taste of additional product.
You sit with it... you come back...
I'll give you a higher grade!
You put it out on the streets for me... untapped... untouched, uncut raw!
Anyone can give it away for FREE... but there's value in gettin' them to buy!
That's how you know you're worth it and that's the difference between THEM and me!
You're my new distributor... and I'm your connect!
If you don't accept this offer, you have 20 seconds to press eject!
My trap house, "Chamillionaire.Com"...
This is where you come and get your "Ammunition"!
You get it directly... FROM ME!
Remember the rules!
Only speak on a dead phone and only call me on a red phone.
And by the way...
When you see the middle man... [gun cocks]
Give him a gift... [silencered shot] [body drops] from your connect!
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