Harrison And Broadway Testo

Testo Harrison And Broadway

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
summer's air reminds me of all the times we've shared,
you remember and so do i,
and i can't wait to relive those times,
days on the calendar are counting down,
another day goes by,
it's almost time to rekindle the friendship that we have found,
'cause summertime has a way of making friendship grow and grow,
and with the feelings that generate it's impossible for me to feel low, feel low,
summer's here and all the fun begins like it did last year,
no fusses no fights,
we'll tell our children about these times,
this time we won't forget this,
and if a problem occurs we'll remember the key is forgiveness,
summertime brought us together,
our friendship grew an grew,
we can't let this slip away,
the bond between me and you,
don't let time slip away,
before it's too late,
before i'm too old,
before it's time,
we won't let i slip away
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