Monument Testo

Testo Monument

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
When I walk through these doors.
I see the face from thousands of nights before.
And the light in their eyes makes it more than it's ever been before.
Our blood our sweat, and all of the tears that are shed.
Our blood, our sweat, and all the words we've said.
And the promises we've kept.
I see two paths that we can take and there's a choice.
Now we have to make it.
Now we have to face it.
Can you cut your heart out and walk away from all that you believe?
Well this world can't steal your dreams.
So join the voices building in this room.
These days save us from growing old to soon.
Every word of every song the past has wrote has become our anthem.
And when our pens meet paper we add to it ourselves.
When I look around I see something, something we can build on.
And it's only getting closer to everything we've ever hoped it could be.
Join the voices building in this room.
The only person that will kill it for you is you.
If you deny al the passion in this room.
So take a breath and try to see that the beauty of these days
and the freedom they can bring can carry through our lives.
If we just take that chance and we believe.
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