Crazy Chick Testo

Testo Crazy Chick

I think I'm going to nee some therapy
Oh babe I hope you got a PHD
Won't you let me on your leather couch
I got a lot of me to talk about

I think I'm crazy think I'm stupid
Must have lost my mind
Wonder what I'm thinking loving you
Cos boy if you were mine
I'd really go insane, you'd be my favorite thing
I'd go ballistic yeh you're making me a crazy chick

You driving me to insanity
All the things you do you make me come unglued
I just can't help myself I need professional help

You really done it this time
You know you twisting my mind
You got me acting like a wacked out chick
So I won't be responsible cos I'm really not logical
No I won't be to blame you know I'm really not sane

Can't get you out of my head
So let me just confess
For those kisses baby for your love
You drive me crazy I can't get enough
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