Snow Globe Testo

Testo Snow Globe

My bellybutton came untied
The elevator turned to stone
I ran with waving arms
Then I lifted off the ground

I took a pill I shouldn't have
I'm not so sorry that I did
'Cause I can't wait to slip out where
I'm lost and can't be found

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

I see my mother, she is young
She doesn't know it's me I guess
We talk about the planets
Then run wildly down the street

The circles and the squares
Are shaking one another's hands
And I'm about to get on stage
But I'm too naked for to sing

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Oh is this a bad dream?
Or the best dream that I've ever had?
And oh what is waiting, beyond the mirror,
Beyond the curtain,
Beyond what fades into the black?

I'm floating in a snow globe
Being tossed around like glitter
And I think I'm being shot at
So I swing and swing in vain

Apostrophes and commas
They are doing all that they do
Trying to reconcile some truth
In an atmosphere insane

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
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