Save Up All Your Tears Testo

Testo Save Up All Your Tears

I can't figure you out
But a heart must be the one thing you were born without
I've been wasting my time
I don't know where I'll sleep tonight
You say that you can do without me
Go ahead now try and live without me

Baby, save up all your tears
You might need them someday
When the tears start to fall
I won't wipe them away
When your cry in the night
For the love that you need
Baby, save up your tears
Cause you'll be crying over me (Oh yeah)

You got used to my touch
I got used to not feeling much
Winter set in your eyes
Time will melt your castle of ice
You think you wont feel the pain now
Your eyes will be crying like the rain now


You don't know it now
You don't know it now
You don't know it now
You don't know it now
You don't know it now
But some wounds get deeper with time
You don't feel it now
Till the need burns, a knife turns
Your heart bleeds like mine

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