Get On This Testo

Testo Get On This

In the middle-of a dream
Thought I saw the sacred Love Supreme
So beautiful yet so obscene
But I'm not sure I'm sleeping

And in a golden sun
I saw Hitler, Elvis, and angels
A little baby with a big gun
I saw Jesus kissing the devil

Gonna take some time for me to
Get on this, get on this
It's gonna take an angel's kiss to
Get on this, get on this

When I go to sleep tonight
I must remember to close my eyes
Saw a mother-take a needle
Burn in water-drown in flame

A soft spot for a hard habit
She had a baby that no name
They say a day will come
When a bright light shines all around you
The perfect Disney millineum
Where only happiness will surround you


The sins of hypocrisy
Will turn the world upside down
Lies in the hearts of children
Destroy their world without a sound

And in a full moon sun
I saw a king turn angels to ashes
Beside a bonfire in Babylon
Stands an empty house full of cages

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