Where Did The Loving Go Testo

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Testo Where Did The Loving Go

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Words and Music by Peter Cetera)

I recall the look in your eyes, and the way that I felt
When I heard you say,
"Where did the loving go?"
Funny how it all slipped away.
I remember all that we had, 'cause our love was so right,
And so very strong.
I would give anything,
Knowing where we might have gone wrong.
Something's coming over me now,
Something that I don't understand,
But I would give all the world if I could have you back again.
I want to make it perfectly clear,
I'm never gonna make it from here.
I can only say that I love you, woh.
I recall the moment you said,
"It doesn't work anymore,
And it's come to the end."
I would do anything just to see you again.
I remember all that we had,
And it's so very sad
When there's nothing to say.
(Background:) Gonna say,
Where did the lovin' go?
Funny how it all slipped away.
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