House Next To The Drive-in Testo

Testo House Next To The Drive-in

I grew up in a house next to the Drive-In
We'd sit up on the roof and watch the cars roll in
and watch all the couples fog up their cars
And write on the windows their fingerprint hearts.
Then they slowly would drive home long after midnight

I grew up in a house next to the Drive-In
Erected and dreamed in 1953
From summer to summer, picture on picture
We'd sit up on the rooftop and watch with no sound
But the silence never mattered that much to me

Then somebody said that they went and sold the Drive-In
And that the cranes would come and take them silver
screens away
They're planning on paving a parking lot plaza
Well, why do we need one if every town has one?
and my Dad said there was no damn use to fight it

Most of the town forgot there was a Drive-In
most of the hearts that were drawn did fade away
but the movies did move me, the stars were our ceiling
So the people with romance and the people with feeling
Still think about that Drive-In everyday
When they're traveling by that plaza on their way
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