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Testo But I Am A Good Girl

Where I've been all my life?
The dress is Chanel, the shoes YSL,
The bag is Dior, Agent Provocateur!
My address today,
L.A. by the way, above Sunset Strip,
The hills are the way.
My rings are by Webster, it makes the head turn,
They all say: darling, what did you do to those pearls?
I am a good girl!

BH I adore, Rode-O l'amore
Breakfast Polo Lounge and poolside for sure!
The chateau for cocktails, the court yard at night,
Dan Tana's for dinner, Helen's divine!
You know I have found,
The words go around,
They all say my feet never do touch the ground!
I am a good girl!
I am a good girl!
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