Dedication Testo

Testo Dedication

I came into this fame wit' u by my side
I'll be leavin wit' u at the other end
Peace out

Thankyou for - the love you gave me
And i'll be thankin' you again at the end of the line, whoa,
I said please- stay, at the very start,
Now i say sorry, for all the time we're apart
I am trying, trying to help you get there everyday.

I thought that i was failin'
I'd lost all of my faith
But you told me keep tryin'
N' i tried harder everyday

And now

Doesn't seem so real.. when you remember..
All the screaming and the fighting,
And the pain in my heart,
When you told me keep tryin' i took a fresh start

And look where
I am

I thank you
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