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Testo Forever You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
When I am, falling
I know that your love will come to help me
I will overcome, the fear
As long as I know that you feel
Inside the same that I do
In the pain and the good you knew to love me
And what I am now is because of you, without doubt

You're my, protection, my support
Of all you're my best option
Forever you
My power, my courage
Through the worst things
My light, my blue sky
My greatest love still
Forever you

There is no, dawn
That I don't wake up without knowing I dreamt of you
Because of you I am, so happy
In my soul forever
There is a place for you
No matter where I am, your love will find me
Illuminating my sky, my darkness


My guardian will be refuge of your love
The faith that makes me believe
It gives worth to my life
A home to which I'll always return
I love you still...forever you, ohh ah
Only you...ohh yeah ohh

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