Hello (follow your own star) Testo

Testo Hello (follow your own star)

Does it ever feel like
No one is with you
No one sees it your way
Everyone´s against you
But it´s your life
Gotta keep the faith
Hold your vision you will find a way

I may not fit the mold
May not do what I´m told
I will not be swayed
By the things that they might say

They may have had their doubts
No matter what I´ve found
I have held my ground
And look at me I´m still around

So dream on, dream on
Don´t ever let them steer you wrong
When life comes knockin
You gotta keep on rockin
Open that door
Shout it to the world, say it

Hello Hello
Here I am here I go
I got love to give and
I got dreams to live, so
Hello Hello
Hello Hello

And if you don´t fit in
Just know your differences
Are you beautiful to see
They´re beautiful to me

There´s no one quite like you
Be proud in all you do
You know you´ll find a way
Be who you are don´t be ashamed

Shine Baby Shine
Cause it´s all in your mind
The life you crave
The love you make
It´s all up to you
You just gotta say


Don´t you ever let it pass you by
It´s your life
You got a dream
You know you gotta try
It´s your time to shine
Shout it to the world, say....

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