So better time Testo

Testo So better time

Babe you watching on
this time?
It´s me and you fine
finaly take it a look
some peace is down hook

Baby i wath you watching
no on this time
it´s so finaly baby
You tick alone me
babe wath you scared
oh yeah
you tilt ya head back
and i happy

So better time
so better me
housom again me
tilt tilt (tilt)
baby you alone
i wath dath
i thik you love me
housom housom love
sexy babe

It´s so lovley think i
you agian much so better crime
finaly creme again to i cry
but living on the live on you life
that look at me you first in eversy
i talk this baby i not alone
so housom like me some housom dead
ypu fristen all against to me
babe you thik and thik in my heart
it´s very good
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